2017/18 Budget Summary

Operating budget for the municipality will be R321 million and this has increased from the 2016/2017 budget of R289 million.

This operating budget includes allocations for remuneration of employees and all allowances to the total R99, 5 million and this is 31 per cent of the total operating expenditure. Remuneration of councillors is included in this operating budget with the provision allocation of R17 million.

Also included in the overall budget are allocations for repairs and maintenance and electricity bulk purchases from Eskom amounting to R14, 9 million and R43 million respectively.

Through what we call Mayoral Projects, with a budget allocation of R2, 1 Million, we shall developmental partnership which directly build capabilities and empower local change agents to build our societies.

To continuously put Matatiele on the map whilst boosting local economy, we have allocated R2 Million for the Music Festival, and R2, 7 Million to develop local economy. Indigent supports subsidy to needy households of about R14 million and other special programs to deal with needs of our special groups.

An amount of R170 million in this budget has been allocated to deal with the improvement of our infrastructure through construction of access roads, surfacing of some gravel roads, electrification of rural areas, improvement of our electricity capacity through the newly built electricity sub-station. Construction of extra mural facilities, on-going construction of the council chambers and acquisitions of machinery and equipment have also been budgeted for.

The electricity department has a capital budget of about R 83 million, included in this budget is an amount of R80 million for Rural electrification & substation which will be funded from INEP and the amount of R3 050 000 will be funded from municipal reserves. Also featuring prominently in the budget is the installation of high mast lights and procurement of light motor vehicles & equipment. The allocated budget to the Infrastructure department is 54% of the total budget.

The total municipal budget for both 2017/2018 Operating and Capital will be the total of R491, 7 Million.

The tariff of charges, rates exemptions and rebates which will be key in raising of municipal revenues from council own sources are as follows:

All tariff charges excluding electricity and Refuse are calculated to increase by 5% for the 2017/18 financial year, proposed to start 1 July 2017.

Electricity tariff is proposed to increase with 1.88 % in terms of the guideline from the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa. Refuse tariff increase at 7%.

Emergency Details

Electrical Services : 0397378171
Prepaid Sales : 0397378203
Finance Office : 0397378203
Fire & Disaster : 0392560610
SAPS : 0397379901
Water : 0397374324
Ambulance : 10177
Tayler Bequest Hospital : 039 737 3107
Traffic : 0397379662