Matatiele is a better place today than before


“Our municipality have, by and large, been extremely successful in their key goal of delivering services to the people effectively and efficiently. This includes: successes in the provision of energy and water; creating conditions for inclusive economic growth and job creation; and the ongoing focus on improving their current audit status to clean audit,” these were the words by the Mayor of Matatiele Local Municipality Cllr Momelezi Mbedla when he tabled the State of the Municipal Address (SOMA) at Sandfontein in Ward 26 on the 30th May 2016.
The 2016 SOMA was delivered under the theme: “Together Moving Matatiele Local Municipality Forward”. The Mayor also acknowledged and understands that most citizens’ experiences of the municipality have been positive, they are equally aware that challenges still remain. Cllr Mbedla said “these challenges include a high backlog in electrifying the villages of Matatiele, bad state of roads, skills development, poverty, unemployment and water challenges.
This event saw the youth of Ward 26 receiving 5 soccer kits, 5 families from Cedarville received their title deeds and Phallang Project from Ward 14 receiving garden tools worth more than R20 000.
The Mayor’s speech will also focus on the municipality’s consolidated programme of action for the 2016/2017 financial year.
Community members, stakeholders and all interested parties are invited to attend this auspicious event. Transport to the venue will be arranged by Ward Councillors, CDWs and Ward Clerks in all the Wards.
The event was attended by the Alfred Nzo District Municipality Executive Mayor Cllr. Eunice Diko,  Department of Home Affairs, SASSA, Department of Health, DEDEAT and these partners also rendered their services to more than 700 community members who graced the tabling of the 2016/17 budget.


On proposed tariff of charges increases by 7%, communities and stakeholders, Rate Payers in particular raised concerns on affordability and the gloom picture of economy and during the finalization of this budget, 5% for property rates and other charges excluding refuse removal and electricity increases has been considered and the final budget has been adjusted as such. Refuse Removal Charges will remain at 7% increase and electricity charges will be above 7.64% to 9% and this will be subjected to National Electricity Regulator of Southern Africa (NERSA) who are the authority to approve electricity tariffs increases.
Operating budget will be R289 million and this has decreased from the 2015/2016 budget of R296 million by 2%.
R154 million in this budget has been allocated to deal with the improvement of our infrastructure through construction of access roads, surfacing of some gravel roads, electrification of rural areas, improvement of our electricity capacity through construction of electricity sub-station, construction of sport facilities, construction of council chambers and acquisitions of machinery and equipment as will be required by the municipality.
The electricity department has a capital budget of R 83, million, included in this budget is an amount of R80 million for Rural electrification & substation which will be funded from INEP and the amount of R3 050 000 will be funded from municipal reserves which includes installation of high mast lights and procurement of light motor vehicles & equipment.
Property rates tariff increase of 5% and first R55 000 property values as exemption, 35% rebates on all residential properties, 10% rebates on all commercial and government properties, 65% on farm properties, 10% rebates on industrial properties and 100% rebates to all municipal properties.
Refuse tariff increase of 7%. Electricity tariff increase with 7.64 - 9 % subject to NERSA approval. That all other municipal tariff remains increase at an average of 5%.

Emergency Details

Electrical Services : 0397378171
Prepaid Sales : 0397378203
Finance Office : 0397378203
Fire & Disaster : 0392560610
SAPS : 0397379901
Water : 0397374324
Ambulance : 10177
Tayler Bequest Hospital : 039 737 3107
Traffic : 0397379662