An update on the motion to move Matatiele to KZN

The motion to move Matatiele from the Eastern Cape to KwaZulu Natal province has been a topical issue over the past few weeks. To give an update on the matter, the Matatiele Local Municipality Mayor, Cllr. Momelezi Mbedla called a media briefing on Monday the 08th of May 2017.

In his address, the Mayor indicated that the process is still a political matter between two parties and when the process is concluded it will be translated into government processes. “As the leadership of the Matatiele Local Municipality, we have noted the latest developments with regards to the matter. I must point that at this stage, this is not a government decision, but a political discussion between the African Independent Congress and African National Congress,” he said.

After agreeing into a political coalition which allowed the ruling ANC to retain some municipalities following the local government elections, the African Independent Congress and ANC signed a memorandum of understanding outlining a process to reverse the move, which took place in 2005 (i.e moving of Matatiele from KZN to Eastern Cape). The agreement currently is to kick start a consultation process in parliament, and later cascade it down to the people of Matatiele.

Cllr. Mbedla has also assured the people of Matatiele that as the Council, their mandate is to transform the lives of the people of Matatiele. “We have decided as the council to allow the consultation process to continue. In our meetings with the national leadership, we have assured them of our maximum participation in the procedure. We have also agreed that we will not disturb the process. So we shall wait for the outcome, to act on it,” concluded Mbedla.

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