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Legal Services Unit



To provide specialist Risk management Service to assist the Municipality to embed risk management and leverage its benefits to enhance performance.


  • To develop the Municipality’s vision for risk management
  • Developing the Municipality’s risk management framework.
  • Communicating the Municipality’s risk management framework to all stakeholders and monitoring its implementation;
  • Facilitating orientation and training for the Risk Management Committee;
  • Training all stakeholders in their risk management functions;
  • Continuously driving risk management to higher levels of maturity;
  • Assisting Management with risk identification, assessment and development of response strategies;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the response strategies;
  • Reporting risk intelligence to the Accounting Officer, Management and the Risk Management Committee.


To strive for the provision of effective and efficient risk management services



To Provide Legal Services and ensure Compliance with all relevant pieces of Legislation and agreements for the whole Municipality


  • Rendering legal services and providing legal advice to the Municipality and the council
  • Ensuring the provision of appropriate legal advice on a diverse range of substantive and procedural questions of law arising in administrative functioning of the
    - Supervising and overseeing the review, negotiation and drafting of major contracts and other legal documents, as required by the operational departments.
    - Supervising legal research and analysis, identifying important issues and apprising the operational departments of emerging legal trends from court decisions and tendering advice to avoid unnecessary litigation.
    - Supervising and monitoring the contesting of the cases in various courts of law and to have interaction with MLM’s legal advisors.
    - Advising on the matters of preferring of appeals in superior courts and in the matter of taking recourse to other legal remedies.
    - Assisting in preparation of reply to legal notices received.
    - Drafting of bylaws and assisting in contract drafting for the Municipality


To strive for the provision of effective and efficient legal services to the municipality

Head: Vacant

Telephone: 039 737 9668
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emergency Details

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Tayler Bequest Hospital : 039 737 3107
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