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Municipal Manager's Viewpoint 04/08/2017

Warm greetings to you, as we commemorate women’s month.

Happy Women’s month!

Every August, South Africa gives special focus to women related programmes as a tribute to the women of 1956. Through their march to the union buildings, they sent a strong anti-unjust laws message.

This year marks 61 years since about 20 000 women from all walks of life protested against the unjust pass laws. These laws restricted women’s freedom of movement and destabilised families and livelihoods. This year’s women’s month dawns on us in a time when the country’s women are under the attack of increased violence.

As the municipality, through men’s groups, we have made a decision to increase our work to empower men to embrace women. Throughout this month and beyond, our Special Programmes Unit will embark on programmes aimed at both men and women empowerment.

Public Safety is our responsibility

As part of reducing crime activities around Matatiele town, Matatiele Local Municipality through the Community Services Department has successfully installed thirteen CCTV cameras. The main purpose for this is to keep the town crime free and maintain safety for Matatiele community. It was discovered that elderly people are soft targets. They are robbed by people who pretend to assist them in withdrawing money from ATMs and elsewhere.

Matatiele has grown as a town therefore, it is our responsibility working together with SAPS to ensure that our people are safe at all times and crime activities are well monitored. We plead with our people to avoid by all means walking around at nights, as criminal activities mostly happen during the night time.

One of the Constitutional objectives of local government is to provide democratic and accountable government for local communities.

Public Safety Unit within the Municipality is also in the process to strengthening Bylaws in order to have a friendly - safe town.

Our electrification agenda continues

Matatiele local municipality continues to radically address service delivery backlogs, with electricity being one of the main priorities. A number of projects are currently underway at wards 3, 5, 9 and 18 bear witness to this. Through these electricity projects, more than two thousand (2000) households are being connected to the national electrification grid and jobs are being created.

Matatiele Youth Empowerment Indaba

On 28 – 29 July, Matatiele local municipality gathered young people under one roof as part of information sharing. The Youth Empowerment Indaba, aimed at providing a platform for young people to network, learn and share ideas and concerns on how to develop and empower young people.

The youth was encouraged to dream big and help take the municipality forward, as the government continues to invest in their education and skills development. Over the two-day inaugural Indaba, some of the topics covered included; dealing with unemployment head-on, skills empowerment, green economy, youth entrepreneurship & agriculture, healthy lifestyle and ICT for youth development.

"Young lions, the time is now for you to apply your minds on how you are going to contribute towards building an inclusive economy that will create more opportunities for the youth and which will reflect the demographics of the municipality," Acting Mayor Cllr. Thembeka Dyantyi told delegates as she welcomed them to the Indaba.

Furthermore, the Indaba provided a directive to the relevant stakeholders and government in particular, with regards to the development of young people of Matatiele.

The government believes education and skills development are essential for the youth to help drive the economy. The young people make up the majority of municipalities’ population.

Out of the Youth Indaba, the Municipality will have a youth empowerment strategy that will be a guiding tool for youth development in Matatiele.

A key factor for the government is the focus on youth in public employment schemes as well as in the entrepreneurial sector.

A pledge was made by panellists who discussed topics around jobs and entrepreneurship to work together to promote youth development.


The youth proposed that a youth office and structure must be formed to implement youth related programmes or agenda. “A fund from the municipality and government departments must be set aside to support businesses owned by young people”, the youth appealed. The municipality would like to extend a word of gratitude to all stakeholders that came through and showed interest in developing youth of Matatiele.

“We are a Destination of Choice and Excellence.”

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