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Today in Cedarville Ward 26 the Department of Safety & Liaison in partnership with Matatiele Local Municipality and other sector departments conducting an awareness campaign on sport against crime. This campaign saw trolley drivers from Matatiele, Afsondering, Maluti & Cedarville Policing precinct participating in sport and together saying #NoToCrime.

"We must all work together to ensure that we eliminate all forms of crime in our Municipality so that we go back to where we say Matatiele is indeed a destination of choice, said Cllr Thabiso Mohoto.

This awareness campaign is a built up to the Youth Month marathon which will take place tomorrow the 25th of June 2017 from Matatiele to Cedarville to continue educating the youth of Matatiele that crime is not a solution to the challenges facing the youth.

The Station Commander of Cedarville Police Station urged the youth to stay away from drugs "there is a high rate of crime today in our area and one of the contributing factors is drugs, as we are gathered here today we must leave this area saying drugs are not meant for us as the youth of Matatiele, she said.

Concluding the day, youth from Maluti, Cedarville, Matatiele and Afsondering participated in Netball and Soccer as a form of saying they prefer sport than crime and drugs.

Operating budget for the municipality will be R321 million and this has increased from the 2016/2017 budget of R289 million.

This operating budget includes allocations for remuneration of employees and all allowances to the total R99, 5 million and this is 31 per cent of the total operating expenditure. Remuneration of councillors is included in this operating budget with the provision allocation of R17 million.

Also included in the overall budget are allocations for repairs and maintenance and electricity bulk purchases from Eskom amounting to R14, 9 million and R43 million respectively.

Through what we call Mayoral Projects, with a budget allocation of R2, 1 Million, we shall developmental partnership which directly build capabilities and empower local change agents to build our societies.

To continuously put Matatiele on the map whilst boosting local economy, we have allocated R2 Million for the Music Festival, and R2, 7 Million to develop local economy. Indigent supports subsidy to needy households of about R14 million and other special programs to deal with needs of our special groups.

An amount of R170 million in this budget has been allocated to deal with the improvement of our infrastructure through construction of access roads, surfacing of some gravel roads, electrification of rural areas, improvement of our electricity capacity through the newly built electricity sub-station. Construction of extra mural facilities, on-going construction of the council chambers and acquisitions of machinery and equipment have also been budgeted for.

The electricity department has a capital budget of about R 83 million, included in this budget is an amount of R80 million for Rural electrification & substation which will be funded from INEP and the amount of R3 050 000 will be funded from municipal reserves. Also featuring prominently in the budget is the installation of high mast lights and procurement of light motor vehicles & equipment. The allocated budget to the Infrastructure department is 54% of the total budget.

The total municipal budget for both 2017/2018 Operating and Capital will be the total of R491, 7 Million.

The tariff of charges, rates exemptions and rebates which will be key in raising of municipal revenues from council own sources are as follows:

All tariff charges excluding electricity and Refuse are calculated to increase by 5% for the 2017/18 financial year, proposed to start 1 July 2017.

Electricity tariff is proposed to increase with 1.88 % in terms of the guideline from the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa. Refuse tariff increase at 7%.

Matatiele Local Municipality Mayor, Cllr Momelezi Mbedla has urged education stakeholders to put in more effort for better matric results in 2017. He said this during a stakeholder engagement convened by Matatiele Local Municipality today, that seek to assess the 2016 Matric results and the state of education in the Maluti District.

The objectives of this engagement were to provide a platform for education stakeholders to share views on key challenges facing the education sector. Deliberations were made on the current decline of the district in educational attainment, regression in the matric results. Stakeholders had to identify and agree on key interventions to overcome the challenges and address the decline in educational attainment – thus a call for an education indaba.

During his welcome address, His Worship Mbedla shared his dream of Maluti District achieving the very best matric results in 2017 and going forward. He has pledged the municipality’s readiness to provide support needed to improve the quality of education in our schools. “As the Municipality we want to be ahead of the rest of the country with the best matric results ever. Despite being a deep- rural district we want to prove that quality results have nothing to do with modern lives. It only requires dedication and commitment,” he said.

Maluti district came 2nd in Cluster A. Mr Moses Sefoloko from the Department of Education in Maluti shared the Matric pass rate dating back from 2014. The graphs show an upward trend. In 2015 the district received 55.90% and 62% for 2016. St Monicas and King Edward High School attained a 100% pass rate. Nyaniso, Mvenyane & Mosa Sibi high schools represented the cream of the crop from the Previously Disadvantaged Institutions. A total number of 468 Bachelors, 547 Diplomas and 306 Higher Certificates were attained in the district. 

More than 15 schools were listed among the worst performing schools including Mothibisi SSS, Phumelele Comprehensive Tech and Moshesh SSS. The forum also congratulated Raeeng Moso from Tholang SSS for being the top achiever from the Historically Disadvantaged Institutions (HDI) in the District. Gugushe Khanya Thato from Tholang SSS a top performing leaner in the District and Marwanqana Anelisa, a Quintile 1 category top learner, provincial top Three HDI and provincial top learner in IsiXhosa Home Language. These learners will be honoured in style by the Matatiele Local Municipality and the Department of Education on Friday, 20 January 2017. 

Mr Sefoloko said ‘the district will intensify the close monitoring and support of underperforming schools and educators this year. There will be improvement plans and target setting. All these will sustain the results and give upward mobility,” he said.

Delegates including the Department of Education, Traditional Leaders, SADTU, NEHAWU, NAPTOSA, DEF SGB Unit and the Youth Council, were part of the engagement. Stakeholders were encouraged to support the culture of learning. “This is not a one-man show. Let us all join hands and support our learners and teachers for the benefit of our province and the entire country,” appealed Cllr Mbedla.

In commemoration of the Africa Month, the Mayor of Matatiele Local Municipality Cllr Momelezi Mbedla, tabled the State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) and the 2017/18 – 2022 Budget and IDP at Khauoe Community Hall in Ward 25 on the 29th May.

The Mayor tabled the budget under the theme “The year of OR Tambo: Building a better Africa & a better world”. He encouraged the people of Matatiele to honour the sacrifices and contributions of OR Tambo towards a free, non-racial and democratic South Africa and use the centenary celebrations to learn more about the immense sacrifices our struggle icons made so we can live if a democratic South Africa.

“This years ‘budget speech and State of the Municipality Address will focus more on how in the next five years, we are going to transform the Municipality to be a better place to work and live in. It will represent the wishes and aspirations of the poor, and as such all our endeavours will be centred around the critical task of eradicating poverty, reducing unemployment and inequality,” said Cllr Mbedla.

The Municipality has worked tirelessly in the previous financial year, to change the lives of the people of Matatiele.

A plan is in place to electrify Ward 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, & 13, whilst the tender to electrify Nkali, Nuresh, Mahangu,KwaMbombo, Magayazidlele, Drayini, New House and Madlangala villages was issued.

The designs in these areas: Maphokoma, Zikhali, Chera, Thoneng, Maharing, Goxe, kwaMatias A, Nyaniso, Bubesi B, Nkalweni E & Mzongwana substation are in place. With regards to the indigent support, the Matatiele Local Municipality has more than 3450 beneficiaries in its indigent register, enjoying free electricity.

The Alfred Nzo District Municipality has increased access to basic sanitation services around Matatiele. Government is currently rolling out more than 1140 VIP toilets in Ward 7, 10, 22 and 24.

The Expanded Public Works Programme has created more than 390 work opportunities across the municipality. The Department of Human Settlements has delivered a total of 1 963 housing units spending more than R 23 Million.

The address by the Mayor has displayed that the municipality has without a doubt managed to deliver services to the people effectively and efficiently. These successes include the provision of energy and water; creating conditions for inclusive economic growth and job creation.

The Open Council Day which was used as public participation forum by the Speaker, Cllr Nomasomi Mshuqwana was also attended by the Alfred Nzo District Municipality Chief Whip Cllr. Tobo. Government departments also rendered services to more than 700 community members who graced the adoption of the budget and IDP.

The motion to move Matatiele from the Eastern Cape to KwaZulu Natal province has been a topical issue over the past few weeks. To give an update on the matter, the Matatiele Local Municipality Mayor, Cllr. Momelezi Mbedla called a media briefing on Monday the 08th of May 2017.

In his address, the Mayor indicated that the process is still a political matter between two parties and when the process is concluded it will be translated into government processes. “As the leadership of the Matatiele Local Municipality, we have noted the latest developments with regards to the matter. I must point that at this stage, this is not a government decision, but a political discussion between the African Independent Congress and African National Congress,” he said.

After agreeing into a political coalition which allowed the ruling ANC to retain some municipalities following the local government elections, the African Independent Congress and ANC signed a memorandum of understanding outlining a process to reverse the move, which took place in 2005 (i.e moving of Matatiele from KZN to Eastern Cape). The agreement currently is to kick start a consultation process in parliament, and later cascade it down to the people of Matatiele.

Cllr. Mbedla has also assured the people of Matatiele that as the Council, their mandate is to transform the lives of the people of Matatiele. “We have decided as the council to allow the consultation process to continue. In our meetings with the national leadership, we have assured them of our maximum participation in the procedure. We have also agreed that we will not disturb the process. So we shall wait for the outcome, to act on it,” concluded Mbedla.

The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign takes place from 25 November to 10 December 2016. As the municipality we have actioned this year’s theme: “Count Me In: Together Moving a Non-Violent South Africa Forward”.

Through our Special Programmes Unit, we’ve definitely been moving a non-violent Matatiele forward. On December 8, we convened a dialogue that saw parents, children and stakeholders come up with practical solutions on how to declare war against violence targeting women and children. Through the dialogue session government social cluster departments, NGO’s and other partners, interacted with community members, empowering them with knowledge on how to end the scourge of violence against women and children.

It is important that the 16 days Campaign is not viewed as a stand-alone event.  It is another leg of the #356DaysCampaign and #CountMeIn. All these campaigns seek to mobilise members of society, especially men to join hands with government against children and women abuse.

To observe the International Day of Persons leaving with disabilities, commemorated on December the 3rd, preceded by World AIDS Day on the 1st of December, the Matatiele Municipality accompanied by stakeholders on December the 6th, took to the streets of Thabachicha, Ward 14. Attended by community members from different wards of Matat, the objective of the march and the gathering was to join the rest of the World, in tracking progress that has been made in responding to HIV & AIDS.

The implementation of measures to improve the life of people with disabilities was also under scrutiny. Through SPU, as the municipality, working with our implementing partners, we have made much progress over the years in responding to these issues.
As outlined in our Designated Groups Strategy, we continue to realise the objectives we set for ourselves to effectively initiate campaigns to raise awareness about the plight and rights of people with disabilities. We still have a long way to go before we can realise many elements of our dream in as far as people with disabilities are concerned. However, we are proud of the work we have done to ensure that people with disabilities benefit from skills development.

Last week, about 13 people from different wards in our municipality graduated at Enoch Sontonga Rehabilitation centre. What a touching moment to see people with disabilities rising above every obstacle to attain skills in sewing, wood-work and welding. These individuals are now capable to start their own businesses and contribute to the well-being. And as the Municipality we continue to assist them in wherever possible, to realise their vision for their lives.

February is known to be the safety month, and as such the municipality together with partners we have targeted this month to roll-out some of our safety programmes. The Municipality is conducting two major awareness programmes targeting people with disabilities and the community in general for HIV prevention.

#Disability rights re. public transport
The Alfred Nzo Department of Transport in partnership with Matatiele Local Municipality will on the 15th February 2017 host the Public Safety Awareness session for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Matatiele. The session will seek to address challenges currently witnessed in relation to public transport services rendered PWDs in and around Matatiele. The Department of Transport has a mandate to change the status quo for better, whilst the MLM designated groups strategy compels the municipality to prioritise the wellbeing of PWDs amongst other groups. It is our wish to bring stigmatization and suffering of PWDs to an end. One of the ways to realize this is through awareness sessions, to educate transport operators and road users on the White Paper re. Disability Rights.

As the champion of our designated group strategy, you are requested to welcome the attendees of the Disability awareness campaign scheduled to take place as follows:

Date            :    15 FEBRUARY 2017

Time            :    10H00

Venue            :    MATATIELE TOWN HALL

A decision was made by the Eastern Cape AIDS Council to ride the Valentine’s day wave in order to remind our people about the danger of unprotected sex. For this reason, the week of Feb 14 is known to be the condom week. Through this approach we hope to remove formalities on the issue of HIV prevention and hopefully introduce some humor as a tool to help educate communities about serious risks involved in unprotected sex. This includes the risk of catching and spreading sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS as well as helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Part of that has been to come up with slogans through the years for the week such as:
Don't be silly, protect your willy/bowie
if you’re smart, you’ll shroud your spout
It will be sweeter if you wrap it
No glove, no love!

So this is what we will be doing together with our major partner in this case – DOH and other stakeholder like TB/HIV Care, World Vision etc. The whole day activations will be held as ff:
15th @ Uncedo taxi rank
16th @ Drakensburg Taxi rank
17th at the Matat bus stop


The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) in collaboration with Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs embarked on the Integrated Councillor Induction Programme (ICIP) from the 12th to 16th of September 2016 at the Royal Courtyard Hotel and Municipal Council Chambers in Matatiele.  
The Integrated Councillor Induction Programme (ICIP) driven by SALGA and Eastern Cape Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) and supported by the following key stakeholders, the Eastern Cape Provincial Treasury, Office of the Premier, which rolled out as a Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA). This is an accredited programme targeting the new Cadre of Councillors who have joined the local government sphere after the 03 August 2016 local government elections.

Commenting during the training, Matatiele Local Municipality Mayor Cllr. Momelezi Mbedla said Matatiele is strategically located to be the leader for regional development as it links with Joe Gqabi & Harry Gwala Districts but also cross-border trading with Lesotho there the focus in the next 5 years should be to harness this potential.
The programme is designed to prepare Councillors to understand how the local government sphere operates with a focus on, leadership role, legislation applicable to Local Government, key municipal processes and Developmental Local Government (Service Delivery).
The Programmes was aimed at the following:

To inform and educate the people of the Eastern Cape about Councillor Induction;
To raise public awareness about the benefits of the programme for Councillors to serve communities better;
To create communication platforms for communities to engage with the programme;
To mainstream communication services as a strategic function in service delivery.

Discussions about how to develop Integrated Development Plans (IDP) that will talk to the needs of the communities to ensure that Matatiele local economy improves were also at a centre stage. They also discussed ways of how to fully implement the lessons learned from the week long ICIP session.


Government considers communication to be a strategic element of service delivery and a major tool used in promoting and communicating government programmes.
Communications further provides simple guidelines and reference tools around government communication, including government communication strategy, media management, stakeholders’ engagement, development communication, understanding of government policy, marketing and advertising, and managing the corporate identity of government. In line of the above, Ms Olwetu Gwanya has been appointed the Municipality’s Communications and Special Programmes Manager from the 12th of September 2016. 

That is all from us for now, till next time, stay safe and be blessed. Thank You Sweet People from Sweet Matat, “A Destination of Choice and Excellence”

The Matatiele Local Municipality and the Maluti District Department of Education will on Friday the 20th of January 2017, host the class of 2016 matric awards ceremony. This in order to honour and congratulate learners who have achieved top marks in the last year’s matric examinations. Teachers and schools that perform exceptionally will also be appreciated.

In recognising the cream of the district, the Mayor of Matatiele Local Municipality, Cllr. Momelezi Mbedla will be accompanied by the Executive Committee, Madam Speaker and the Chief Whip. “Our work in education is directed by the National Development Plan (NDP), which envisages the achievement of a high quality school education with literacy and numeracy at globally competitive standards, to provide learners with the opportunity to reach their full potential, said Cllr Mbedla.

The Maluti District Education Department has commended stakeholders for the critical role and dedication displayed last year. Maluti District Director, Mr Lungelo Mthatyana says this proves beyond any doubt that education is indeed a societal matter. “Maluti district came 2nd in Cluster A. The graphs show an upward trend. In 2015 the district received 55.90% and 62% for 2016. Schools like Nyaniso, Mvenyane & Mosa Sibi represented the cream of the crop from the Previously Disadvantaged Institutions. A total number of 468 Bachelors, 547 Diplomas and 306 Higher Certificates were attained in the district,” exclaimed the Director with pride.

The event is scheduled to take place as follows:

Date        : 20 January 2017
Time        : 10h00
Venue        : Maluti Civic Centre

Media Enquiries: Ms Olwetu Gwanya: Manager: Communications, Special Programmes & Customer Care Unit Cell: 072 157 0449 or 083 505 5819

Issued by Matatiele Local Municipality

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