Ndizakube andithethanga ncam ukuba ndingangathethi ngomba weendlela zethu singu Masipala neziluxanduva lesebe lakwa Raods and Public Works, ngumba otshisa ubunzi kwindawo yethu sithetha-nje.
I-Matatiele iye ya thwaxwa zimvula ezingamandla kusukela ngoJanuary, that caused a lot of damages on our roads and bridges. Our communities continue to raise their frustrations when it comes to potholes in and around town, nakwindlela iziya kwilali zabo. They have raised unpleasant concerns through our Municipal Facebook account and some through our Customer Care Section and also via the word of mouth. We share the same sentiments with them, indeed most of our roads are not in good conditions.

Siyayazi okokuba ezindlela mva-nje zingunobangela weengozi. Asoze siyeke ukuxoxa nesebe lezendlela nemisebenzi ukufumana isisombululo kwingxaki yezendlela. After consulting the Department of Roads & Public Works, the road from Matatiele to Maluti will be resealed in the next financial year (2018/19). The project is at planning stage and a Consultant has been appointed.
Kunyaka-mali ozayo isebe lithembise okokuba they will regravel DR08065 and D655, DR08017 and surfacing of the road between Mvenyane and Cedarville. The in-house plant will also be used to fix some of the badly affected provincial roads.

Re di fumane di tletlebo tsa baahi mabapi le ditsela tse mpe. Re ile ra kopana re le masepala le lefapha la Roads and Public Works.
Kuyo yonke imigwaqo ethe yamoshakala ingakumbi le ejongene noMasipala siyaqhubeleka nokungenelela nge-machine zethu. In Cedarville we have done a 25m of kerbing; in Matatiele town we have done pothole patching in Balloon Street, West Street, Long Street, Green Street and Fleet Street.

We have also done storm water drains in Mzingisi where 7 pipe crossings were cleaned, Khorong Location – 2 pipe crossings were cleaned and in Cedarville CBD - Stone pitching have been done in 4 pipe crossings. Furthermore, the Black Diamond Bridge in Ward 26 a 9x900mm diameter concrete pipes have been delivered on the 15th of February 2018.
An excavator and TLB are now working on this project to lay pipes and diverting water from an overflowing dam and at Cedarville town a TLB has been hired on the 20th of February 2018 for 5 days. It started operations on the 21st February 2018.

In Maluti: Blading has been done by our grader as from the 14th of February to the 20th of February 2018.
A TLB has been hired to unblock storm water drains for 3 days. It started on the 20th of February 2018 next to the graveyard in Maluti.
Four (4) Loads of gravel material have been tipped using our own dumper trucks on the 19th and 20th of February 2018 and were spread by our grader on the 21st February 2018.
Siyayazi okokuba asikagqibi kwaye olu ngenelelo alwanelanga futhi asilibanga. Umonakalo ubalelwa ngaphaya kwe Three Million. After the assessments, the most critical roads that require urgent intervention are: Linotsing AR, Magongqolweni AR, Thotaneng AR kunye neMaputseng AR.

Cllr Mbedla further said "Matatiele local municipality has a total of 678km of access roads, some of these were constructed prior to the formation of this municipality in 1996. These access roads have deteriorated over time, the municipality has started to fix some.

In intervening with condition of roads, the municipality purchased a set of plant for maintenance of roads, however our roads do not just need maintenance, they need re-construction therefore it required sufficient funding. The municipality had acquired services of external service provider to construct new roads, using conditional grant and acquired savings that we use to do reconstruction of dilapidated access roads. Some of our work is currently felt at the following areas: Ward 8 Nchodu 2,7km, Ward 9 Siphola to Afsondering 2,9km, Ward 13 Thababosiu 3.9km, Ward 17 Sigoga 5.1km, Ward 18 Rolweni to Fiva 3,4km, Ward 19 Harry Gwala 2km, Ward 11 Mapfontein 4km. We continue with our access road assessment in and around Matatiele for urgent interventions using the municipality grader.

The tender for Epiphany and Nomgavu Access Roads was published on local papers and municipal website and is closing on the 09th of April 2018 where Supply Chain Processes will unfold and appoint a contractor as soon as possible.

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